Chicken Tractor Ideas: 200+ Pictures

A picture speaks a thousand words.  So here are about 200 pictures of chicken tractors I have collected!  No blueprints, no descriptions, just pictures.  I hope they inspire your own project.

A chicken tractor is basically a bottomless cage or pen of some kind.  This is so the chickens can scratch (a chicken’s raison de etre) and eat off of the ground such things as grass, weeds, bugs, etc.  In the U.K., chicken tractors are called chicken arks. 

You can drag or roll your chicken tractor around the yard if you want.  They often feature wheels.  Without a cage bottom,the chicken manure goes directly onto the ground and becomes fertilizer. 

Chicken tractors are perfect for a small number of city chickens. If you don’t want to move your chicken tractor, just let the manure accumulate.  Throw fresh straw or wood shavings on top of the poop to absorb any standing water.  When a bunch of layers of litter and manure have accumulated, just move the tractor, rake up the poop with a hard-tined rake, and compost or throw away. 

Did you build a cool chicken tractor? Send in your pics!

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